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data_migrate v1.1.0

Only a few days, and I already have a new version of my gem Data Migrate. If you are not sure what this is all about, I encourage you to check out the project on Github, or check out my introductory post. What changed? Installation has changed to merely including the gem in your project. […]


[edited for clarity and to add what itch data migrate scratches] Data Migrate is a gem I created to migrate data alongside schema changes. As you will see below, it provides a number of rake tasks (with some other support) that allow you to create and migrate data as you would database changes. Why you […]

Create or Select a value via Nest Resources

I am currently working on a small project and intend to do an auto-complete for a field. To make it friendly, it’d be great if a user could choose an existing value via the auto-complete, or have a new value saved. For instance, if you have say, our friend the blog, and that has Post […]